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10 "AWESOME" Reasons That Can Make Homer Simpson Volunteer Now

May 10, 2016 Volunteering

1- He will improve his mindset

As we all know how Homer sometimes, well most of the times actually. not use his brain very well when it comes to solving problems. So from his internship abroad he will be able to broaden his way of thinking and solve certain issues which he will be facing on his own.

2- He will try different kinds of food

Homer is a foodie and when it comes to food he will can just eat anything as long as its something like meat and donuts. So, imagine him in a new country with all the different types of food. He can just go crazy! 

3- He will stop complaining about his life

Since Homer gets a lot of pressure from his family and his work, going on a volunteering internship abroad will help him take his mind of all these stuff for a while.

4- He will be living diversity

Homer knows only one foreign person which is Apu, the indian guy who works in a market, but with volunteering abroad he will meet all the kinds of people from all around the world. He will be a true "World Citizen"!

5- He will make an impact on people around him

Despite all Homer's flaws, he is a kind person deep inside, and by having this kind of experience with AIESEC he is going to direct his good potentials in the right and impactful way on the people around him. And most of all gain leadership skills.

6- He will develop his professional skills

Since Homer is really bad at his work and he causes a lot of trouble that he gets fired sometimes, he is going to gain professional skills during the internship that will help him perform his work better.

7- He will live a healthy life

Last thing Homer can do is to work out to get fit, but at least when he lives abroad on his own he can be living a healthy life to have a better life-style.

8- He will break out from his routine

All what he does is eating, sleeping, and suffocating his son Bart. So this is a chance to do something new and interesting in his life.

9- He will get to know more about the people around him

Instead of hiding from people or only knows a couple of friends to talk to, he will get to deal with individuals he never met before during the project that will later on break the ice of talking to new ones.

10- He will overcome his weaknesses and boost his strengths

Yea Homer has many flaws that some of them need to be fixed and others to be embraced, and he has the capabilities to improve himself, make a difference on a certain community and live a better life. And thats what AIESEC provides for each and everyone.