Global Volunteer | AIESEC in EGYPT

15 Days of Ramadan

June 20, 2016 Volunteering

1) Don’t just push any internship after Ramadan. Fasting or not Ramadan doesn’t deplete your energy. You’re just convincing yourself with that.SO get up and don’t cross out Ramadan from your busy slots for the internship! How about an internship abroad to learn new professional experiences?

2) Why don’t you try learning something to help the time go fast while fasting. Learn sport a language or any skill to make use of your time. 

3) Travel. You know Ramadan is part of your summer vacation, so don’t waste it. Why don’t you gather your friends travel and have fun? Why don’t you go on a new experience?

A trip that you can learn something, help others and explore new cultures.

Discover Ramadan in different places it definitely has a new taste in each country, and they’re all amazing.

4) Its also time to help others here in Egypt. In all the spiritual environment for this month, why don’t you try helping people and spreading good deeds. Why don’t you give away food help people crossing the street. Just spread the positive energy in the place!

Pick anything you want, just don’t be a couch potato and make use of those days and don’t waste a whole month of your time every year.