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20 Reasons Why You Should Never Go on Exchange

April 19, 2016 Volunteering

1) Some people seem to believe that going on exchange is a life-changing experience

2) And that you’re going to make life-long connections with people from around the world

3) But in reality, you’ll barely make friends

4) And the countries where you volunteer are average at best


 5) They would have no scenaries


6) No tourism at all


7) And what kind of an impact could a student make?


8) It’s not like they could change the world

AIESEC volunteers in Kenya raise 650$ in 18 hours for new floors in primary school

9) Or spread peace and tolerance

10) And they think they develop leaders? Please!

11) Others might think they will explore new cultures.

12) Well, that’s a lie!

13) And AIESEC isn’t really that special

International Congress

14) Those people have no idea how to have fun at all

Roll Calls

15) It’s only work all the time

Global Village

16) Oh and for food enthusiasts, get ready for a huge disappointment

17) Who would eat that?

18) And you call this an adventure? 

19) Some adrenaline please!


20) Seriously though? Why would anyone want to Volunteer abroad?