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5 Lessons Learned from Eat, Pray, Love!!

May 14, 2016 Volunteering

1. Happiness is a decision

“Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it.”

Liz taught us that happiness could be found anywhere, even at your darkest times, only if you were to look for it. You could find it in a place, a company, a trip or a memory. But most importantly, you have to find it in yourself first, and trust me, everything else will fall into place.



2.Dolce far niente—In Italian means “the sweetness of doing nothing.”

Imagine if everyone learnt to find some time for themselves. If we learnt to enjoy the little things in life, like watching the sunset, or having a morning walk, without feeling any guilt. And when you think of it, why would you feel guilty for investing in your peace of mind? Because only then, you will have your energy recharged, and you'll be able to invent and produce.

Something that we should learn from Italians, is to enjoy every little thing in our lives; sometimes even when we’re doing nothing. Maybe something as simple as a morning walk, or watching the sunset, would make you feel lighter and all the over-stress, anxiety, nervousness and tension would go away.

And please, don’t feel guilty about it, because honestly, you deserve to enjoy your time.

3. Have a big heart for food

It is a fact that most of us love eating (some of us even have it as a pass-time hobby). But who I am addressing now are the people who avoid trying new food, restaurants, recipes, or a new meal from Mcdonalds. The worst of them all, are those who don’t try the local food when travelling abroad. Try food in as many places as you can, feel the taste, and enjoy every bit of it.

4. Do not judge by the first impression.

Richard from Texas was the Man she met in the Ashram in India where she was praying and meditating. Richard was constantly bullying Liz, which made her not so fond of him. You’ll later see that by the time, when both of them are given the chance to talk and communicate, a lot of guilt and anger emotions were revealed, and replaced with forgiveness and love. This makes me think of all the great friendships we could have had along our lives, but oh, we’re too judgmental aren’t we?



5- Step out of your comfort zone, and watch Magic Happen!

We spend most of our lives thinking of the possibilities, what could have been, and what could happen in the future. What if Liz did the same? (Let’s just thank God she didn’t)

Now is the time for you too to have some guts, take a decision and do what you have always been dreaming of. Whether you want to learn a language, play a sport, go to the gym or explore the world and leave your impact somwhere around the globe, NOW IS THE TIME!
Surf our opportunities and start showing the world your hidden marvelous talents.