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6 Reasons Why You Should Intern Abroad

March 28, 2016 internships

Stand Out From The Crowd

In such competitive market we live in, finding a job after graduating hasn’t been an easy task especially for a first choice program, but with an international internship experience in your resume, gives you the ability to stand out the rest. In a 2014 study conducted by IES Abroad reported that 97% of the students who went abroad during university found employment within 12 months from graduating, versus a 49% norm. 90% got into their first or second choice graduate program.

Find Your Passion 

According to the same study of IES Abroad 34% of the students who went abroad during university said that going abroad helped them choose their career field. It is very common now that after a global program the intern finds the passion towards a certain field and begins to consider career shifting, or if still an undergraduate take classes in that field, for the new future plans.

Build a Global Network

Building a circle of mentors, professional contacts and friends in the country that you interned abroad in will always benefit you in so many different ways. As a future job networking, or even when you consider going back and working there.

Discover a New Country 

People who went in a global professional internship have been physically and culturally immersed in the host country way more than a student abroad or just a tourist. Being an intern abroad provides you with insights into foreign work environments and customs. You get to live as a local, get to know the city more intimately, forming your own routine.

Get Immersed in a New Language  

In this time we are living in many companies either are already an international business or seeking to expand to become global. So even in a small company a resume sent with foreign language ability will be put under consideration for the employer. You may only need English in the place you are interning in abroad, but seizing the opportunity of having friends or co-workers that speak in a different language and getting to learn it will make you more marketable to future employers as an applicant with the ability to speak multiple languages. 

An Experience You Will Never Forget

Interning abroad is NOT just a work experience to be added in a new section in your resume. Living abroad can be full of exciting adventures, gaining new acquaintances and getting experienced. You will have the ability to live another culture, deal with people with different mindset and make friends that you will have for a lifetime.