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How Volunteering Abroad Can Turn Into an Inspirational Story

April 9, 2016 Volunteering

"The thing is I went to places in India I have never thought they exist on earth, and it changed the way I was thinking about travelling before because I thought that travelling was a waste of time. Each moment I visit a new place in India I feel more blessed to see such an amazing view. I decided that I don't want to miss all these beautiful places in this world and to visit each and every one of them." Ahmed Yousry - India

"During my journey I had many ups and downs, especially some incidents that made me frustrated and felt kind of lost. But mainly what was really pushing me forward were the people I met, how they were very kind, helpful and got used to me easily. They treated me like a family member and it really felt like home. The friends I made there were so great and lovable, I learned so much from them and every conversation and incident we had was really impactful for either of us. We are still in touch with each other even though it had been a long time since the internship itself." Esraa Sultan – Indonesia

"One of the schools I was teaching in was a high school. The first time I went there everyone wanted my signature and was keen to know more about my culture more than the other interns cause I have a totally different culture and an amazing different language that everyone was really excited to see the Arabic letters and some of the students wanted me to give Arabic classes.
At this moment I appreciated my country more and that we have a different rich culture and a huge history, I didn’t really believe in our country that much until then." Mohamed Bahaa – Brazil

"The most important thing I learned from my journey abroad is how you can really touch someone's soul; whatever you say or do can change someone else's life or even make it better for them. When my internship had come to an end, me and the other Turkish intern asked our students to write their key learnings or what do they think about us. The students wrote amazing notes about how these 4 weeks were the best of their lives and they don't was us to go back to our home countries, even some of them wished to visit us someday." Meral Eissa – Brazil

"I was the kind of person who is shy to talk in front of a crowd or even in a simple gathering cause mainly I was afraid to say something wrong or people won't like what I'm talking about. But when I started teaching kids during the internship I came to realize that it doesn't really matter what mistakes you make or what you really want to say, what matters is to be confident about yourself and to believe that you are capable of saying whatever is in your soul.  Life is about making mistakes and learning from them."  Mohamed ElMaghawry - Russia

After you read these inspiring stories, how about becoming an inspirational person too? You have the chance to live another life like these individuals by going on an exchange with AIESEC. It’s a once in a life journey you definitely can't miss, and like what Martin Luther King had said "Travel has a way of breaking down man-made barriers and fostering a much more open-minded, tolerant perspective of the world."