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How Your Favorite Movies Are Relevant To Going On An Exchange With AIESEC

April 19, 2016 Volunteering

1- Transformational Journey

There's a time when you want to escape your life problems, find out who you truly are and what do you really want in life. Like Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love had a painful divorce and needed to get a different direction in her life. So she traveled to Italy, India and Indonesia for a unique journey of discovering her true-self.

2- Experiences Make You Who You Are

Meeting a series of diverse characters can shape your life on a high level of maturity. Into The Wild was a true story movie of Christopher McCandless who gave away his live-savings to travel by himself. He met all kinds of people along the way while living the wilderness. He had random adventures and experiences which is what travelling is all about.

3- The Wilderness Is Calling

Do you have the sense of adventure of getting out of your comfort-zone? Like getting backpacked and discover a secret place? Leonardo DiCaprio was a backpacker in The Beach movie with an intention of experiencing something radically different from his familiar life, he went to Thailand and found a strange map that lead to an island paradise.

4- One's Lost-self 

When you are all by yourself, you experience a degree of loneliness in a foreign country. But with creating a bond of friendship with someone in a strange country, it can turn out into a funny, interesting and memorable experience. In Lost In Translation movie two separate travelers meet each other while experiencing confusion and hilarity in a curious country.

5- Finding Your Soulmate

It's hard to find someone and have an instant chemistry with. Have you ever had the thought that you might meet this person while exploring another country?
Like the fortunate coincidence in Before Sunrise when Ethan Hawke met Julie Deply on the train while he was travelling across Europe.

6- Only The Strong Survive

It's a tough life out there and you have to learn how to put yourself together and face the difficulty of living on your own. As what happened in Cast Away movie when Tom Hanks had to transform himself physically and emotionally to survive on a deserted island. 

7- Determination Keeps You Going

If you want something go for it and do it, take the risk of making rash decisions cause later on it will turn out to be the best decision you have ever made. Reese Witherspoon in Wild took a hike by herself despite the odds and terrors of being a young woman on her own.

Everything around us can inspire us to move forward and do something concerning our lives, and these movies were a great inspiration for many people around the world to travel abroad on their own. So are you going to take the step that’s going to be the adventure of a lifetime?

"The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself." - Cast Away movie