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Our Leadership Guide - Hamada's Journey

July 3, 2016 Others

1. So the journey starts with the release of application forms “ That position X is now open”

2. Hamada sees the appealing opportunity and goes like “woow been dreaming of such position” “ hmm .. wat abweet grabbing such opportunity and be the next leader?”

3. He started understanding the Application Questionnaire well and start filling it in.

4. Then he goes through one-to-one interview to asses if Hamada understand the role well.

5. Fa Hamada then goes to the “ELECTIONS DAY” where he starts telling his Entity why is he applying through a speech.

6. Since his Entity are the ones who choose their leaders, they start assessing Hamada through asking him bunch of questions.

7. After Hamada Answers, The panel is over and the members start voting. 

8. Here comes the SUPER TROOPER AWAITED MOMENT not only for Hamada but also for the Entity.

9. Once Hamada gets water all over him which by this he is announced as the “Elected Leader”, Here starts his fruitful JOURNEY !!


Although the process might seem hectic and long but Hamada knew that it is always worth the wait and effort even if he wasn’t selected for such an opportunity.
There’s Hamada within each leader who is eager to learn, develop and wants to nurture his soul.

Being part of such an Organization that all it cares about is creating future leaders who would make this world a better place is such a blessing.