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Your Life .. Your Choice

May 13, 2016 Others

1. Consider your choices. Discover alternatives by searching. Go explore the different opportunities out there. Either jobs, places to travel to, things to buy etc...

2. Evaluate the choices you have. Some are not applicable, just filter them out.

3. Got stuck? It’s no harm to ask people for advice. Listen to them. Discuss the topic, evaluate together and argue with them to reach some conclusions. Remember, you don’t have to cross out many options to stay with one or two, but try to filter them as much as possible.

4. Go back to yourself and ask: did I reach something new. Am I settled with a maximum of 2 options?

5. If not, then you can go back to step one or five and ask other people. It’s a continuous cycle that is non-stop.

The important thing is to not follow advice blindly; you are one most aware of your strengths, weaknesses, skills and values. So whatever your choice is, it has to include your part in addition to any extra help from others. This does not underestimate the benefit of advice. You just have to make your own evaluation too.