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  • Instant access to AIESEC’s international talent pipeline

    Our global network enables you to access the brightest young talents globally, instantly. With our promotion we can access many universities and educational institutions in each country and territory we are present at once.

  • Fast and simple selection process

    Based on your opportunities criteria, our platform will automatically suggest matchable candidates, making your selection process fast and simple. The algorithm we developed makes the search process 2 times faster.

  • One central platform for all communications

    Our all in one platform enables you to centralize your recruitment communication. All your preferences are saved, no need to spend extra time filling various forms


All the basic features you need to start working with AIESEC



Advanced access and full support from the local AIESEC chapter


All the basic features you need to start working with AIESEC


Why should my company care about Leadership Development?

“I’ve been working with AIESEC for some years now and I’m very glad that through our partnership we gave lots of young people the chance to have practical leadership development experiences in PwC. We do that by offering a collaborative working environment and challenging roles to help young people become more self- aware, to test out leadership in practice and to make a contribution to PwC’s success. That’s why I believe, investing in youth leadership will give us a sustainable solution for the future.”

CA Philip Sladdin


About AIESEC’s Talent pipeline

AIESEC gather young people, from all over the world, who are seeking for self-improvement and continuously trying to develop themselves. We are working with those daring individuals to activate four leadership qualities:

Meanwhile, join us to provide working spaces for them so their leadership journey can be completed. Create a place in your company, where they can thrive!

Still not confident if AIESEC knows about the Youth of Today?

Based on 50,000 responses around the world, our Global YouthSpeak Report gives us first hand information on the millennials and the Gen Zs.

31 %

of millennial talents will enter the workplace knowing they will already be job-hopping and departing within a 5 year window.

25 %

of millennials see global experience as the most important in the first 5 years of their career.

61 %

of the respondents consider it to be very important for the company they work at to have a defined purpose.


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The platform will enable you to shortlist or we can help you to pre-screen candidates to save you time prior to interviews

Visa and logistics

We facilitate relevant visas through our long-established partnerships with governments

Intern support

Our local team will be on hand to welcome and assist your intern when they arrive, help them with accommodation advises and all cultural preparation

Who we work with

Many leading companies work with AIESEC to support leadership development in young people: