AIESEC member is an informal education for youth, that focus on leadership as a core. We develop young people by delivering a personalized, relevant, and measurable leadership development experience for them.

  • Requirements

    Your age is between 18 to 23

  • Duration

    Minimum 6 months

  • Organization

    AIESEC (Our nearest local team)

  • Develop yourself

    Develop self-management and interpersonal skills through practical learning experiences to emerge as a well-rounded individual.

  • Learn to lead

    Get an empowering & challenging environment where you can develop into a value-driven leader.

  • Build your network

    Connect with people from all over the world and build your own local and international network of like-minded young people.

  • Connect with aiesec impact

    Contribute for a better world through the programs we offer and further leadership opportunities.

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    The roles we offer

    When you join one of our local teams you will be allocated to a specific department.

    Customer Experience

    Support youth from your country/territory to connect with our experiences abroad. You'll work with AIESEC offices overseas and help guide young people who choose to take up an AIESEC exchange experience.

    Skills you can gain: Sales, customer service, communication, project management.


    Use your creativity and analytical skills to create promotional campaigns to attract customers to our programs, events, and initiatives. You'll analyze customer insights, brainstorm ideas, and collaborate to make them happen - all to better project our brand, reach, and impact.

    Skills you can gain: Brand management, data analysis, social media

    Sales & Business Development

    Work on corporate or non-corporates sales by engaging local companies and organizations to create internships, projects, or events for youth. You'll manage client relationships, learn how organizations work, and help interns settle in your country/territory.

    Skills you can gain: Sales, customer service, project management


    Play a critical role in ensuring our local operational strategies are executed effectively and efficiently. You'll monitor finances, provide investment strategies, ensure we are complying with the law and our internal policies, and make sure we'll still be here in the future.

    Skills you can gain: Strategic planning, budgeting, resources management

    Human Resources

    It's only by investing in finding and developing the best in our people that we can grow as an organization. You'll design training and development plans, track performance, and create systems that celebrate achievement as well as recruit new people into your local team.

    Skills you can gain: communication skills, HR processes management, recruitment

    AIESEC will always be accompanying you before, during and after the process

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    Selection process

    you will attend an information session about AIESEC then you will do an interview and a group assesment.

    Welcome On Board!

    You will attend a conference for the needed education, and become an official AIESEC member

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